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What The Heck is ADA & WCAG?

Something is currently going on and it’ll only be a matter of time before it gets to you or your company! Website owners are being targeted and sued for a law they are ignorant of!
It’s the ‘ADA’ act and WCAG which requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web and digital content.

ADA is an acronym for American’s With Disability Act and WCAG, Website Content Accessibility Guidance. In short, you need to be ADA & WCAG compliant, because authorities aren’t messing around one bit. If you think it’s a game, let me assure you that it’s not. Everything is coming under scrutiny; websites, apps, and pdfs included. All of these are susceptible to lawsuits and litigation.

The "Americans' with Disability Act" provides that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and all those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies . . .

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I love having ADA accessibility compliance. Mr Steven's made it easy. I feel more secure everytime I see the ADA icon on my website. Totally worth it!

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  • An historic supreme court judgment last year caused a surge in website owners being sued for non-compliance with ADA​
  • 1,700+ legal cases related to non-accessibility compliance in new york alone in 2020 . . .
  • More than 10,000 websites sued in 2020 for their website not being ADA compliant. This number is expected to hit 100k by next year - 2021.
  • Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed for non-compliance.

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No One Is Safe!

Doesn't Matter If You Are A:

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Don’t Procrastinate Or Risk Going To Court!

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ADA Regulatory Compliance Video

Watch this video and see how powerful our proprietary ADA/WCAG Widget is.

This is how we are saving thousands of business owners tens of thousands of dollars in ADA/WCAG Non-Compliance Lawsuits.

ADA Regulatory Compliance Video

In the event that your current website is discovered to be non-compliant with ADA/WCAG regulations, you have two options: rectify the issue or potentially face legal action.

Compliance with ADA/WCAG regulations is now mandatory for websites! Blind and deaf individuals are entitled to use the internet and access information using advanced software. As a result, website accessibility lawsuit filings in federal court are predicted to surpass 2020 figures in 2021.

We must collaborate to ensure that everyone can utilize the internet effectively.

Ignoring the issue and waiting to receive a demand letter is no longer an option. Countless law firms worldwide are capitalizing on the opportunity to profit from bringing lawsuits against non-compliant website owners, making it a "CASH COW" for them.

These law firms are scouring the internet for non-compliant websites, making it a matter of "when," rather than "if" they will discover yours if you fail to comply with ADA/WCAG regulations.

Save yourself a great deal of stress and financial difficulties by joining our group of over 60,000 ADA/WCAG compliant website owners today.
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ADA Lawsuit Gavel

Click on the icon in the lower right hand corner to see the ADA Widget in action!

We will write your customized website ADA/WCAG Compliance Widget code that makes your website ADA/WCAG Compliant!

Either you or your webmaster can copy and paste the code we send you into the footer of your website ... DONE!

If you haven't already, click on the icon in the lower right hand corner to see the ADA/WCAG Compliance Tools you will be offering to the disability community.

When a person with disabilities arrives at your website, they will know that "they are welcome".

They will click on the ADA Compliance Tools icon, the same as you just did, and activate the tools they need to use your website.

When an ADA/WCAG Lawsuit Happy Attorney
arrives they will just move on and keep looking for a website that is NOT ADA/WCAG COMPLIANT that they can bring a lawsuit against!

Ignorance is not an EXCUSE!

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Unexpected Bonus . . . ADA/WCAG is Great For SEO Too!

Becoming ADA/WCAG compliant simply means making your site more accessible . .

Did you know that having an accessible website is so important that Google gives it more relevance than one that isn’t accessible?

So by not having an accessible website for disabled people, you could be losing out on a ton of potential customers which means losing out on more potential revenue.

Just another reason to get your website content to be ADA/WCAG Compliant now!

Let's Make You Safe Today.
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