Who is the Reputation Rapid Response Team?

Diamond Webmasters is always seeking the best talent the nation has to offer. We have put together a team of highly trained copywriter professionals that we affectionately call The Reputation Rapid Response Team.

The Reputation Rapid Response Team are a group of highly trained professional copywriters dedicated to monitoring and responding to our client's Online Reputation Reviews, both Positive and Negative, on Google, Facebook and Yelp - 365 days a year.

The Reputation Rapid Response Team live by the motto:

"We take the heat out of the kitchen (Negative Reviews) and put the icing on the cake." (Positive Reviews)

When you hire the The Reputation Rapid Response Team it is like having your own staff of professional copywriters down the hall in your building with only one job, protecting your business online reputation.

9 Online Review Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

  • Nearly nine out of ten (89 percent) consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products.
  • Authenticity and transparency are important factors consumers look for in reviews.
  • According to the latest online review statistics, more than three out of four (76 percent) of consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations.
  • Google is by far the most popular channel people turn to for reviews, with approximately 57 percent of shoppers using it. This is followed by a business’ own website at just over 40 percent and Yelp and Facebook at around 20 percent each.
  • Most consumers who read online reviews don’t just stop at one. Online review statistics show that more than half of internet users (56 percent) read at least four reviews prior to purchasing a product or service. More than one-third of them read between one and three reviews.
  • Almost half (47 percent) of all internet users worldwide say they post reviews about a product, company, or service each month.
  • 53.3 percent of internet users expect businesses to respond to their positive and negative reviews within a week.
  • Responding to positive and negative reviews is part of providing good customer service to your clients and it results in benefits for your business. Addressing their concerns shows that you, as a business, care for your customers.
  •  Reviews are extremely important for local businesses. As many as 82 percent of consumers say they consult them to find out more about local stores.

There you have it! These are some of the most eye-opening online review statistics to help you understand the importance of online reviews.

Price Comparison

If you have shopped the online reputation management companies, you have learned the average cost for a business is $3000 to $10000 annually. That's $250 to $833 a month with the majority of these companies using computer generated review responses.

It doesn't matter how effective the programming of a computer generated review response program is, it is always apparent that the response was not written by the owner of the business.

The Reputation Rapid Response Team are HUMAN and write review responses from the perspective of the business owner.  Here are two  examples:

A restaurant in Florida negative review. "Out of everything...out of 9 meal deals on their menu, they only had 4 to choose from and they were all burgers...I think the only ice cream flavor they had was chocolate. Who does the ordering for this place?"

Our Reputation Rapid Response would be:

"Thank you for contacting us, we're very sorry your experience was not up to our 5-star standards.
We are always trying to do better, with our focus on fantastic customer service. This was not reflective of our reputation, we are looking into the matter.
You deserve better.  Please know that your situation was an exception, we are working to rectify it immediately.
Would you reach out to me via email xxx@xxx.com? I want to make sure we take care of you.
I look forward to working with you to resolve your issue."

A plumber in Texas positive review. "It’s so great when you find residential plumbers who know exactly what needs to get done when they see your bathroom toilets and the rough shape they're all in. I’m really bad with leaks and clogs, and these were beginning to take over my house. Luckily, I had your plumbers on the job to get the repairs and replacements I needed to make my washrooms great again. highly recommended!"

Reputation Rapid Response Team would be:

"Hi, Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to send such an amazing review!
It's our goal to make sure that everyone enjoys the same level of service, every single time.
We're laser focused on your satisfaction. That's why your opinion is so valuable and will be shared with our team.
It's been our pleasure and we hope to see you soon. Until then, we're always close by if you need anything at all.
On Behalf Of The Team, Thank You!"

Our review responses are written by copywriter professionals as if coming from the business owner with the HUMAN TOUCH, not some computer generated hob wash.

Every review (both positive and negative) must be answered. As mentioned earlier, customers expect the business to respond and show that they care about them while acknowledging that the customer is valued by the business.

What's the Bottom Line?

The Bottom Line is Diamond Webmasters always has provided services that are affordable, concise and professional. And we provide those services with our client's Bottom Line in mind.

As you can see from the examples above, our reputation response service outshines all other reputation response services. With our HUMAN TOUCH approach we could easily charge $500 a month and get it. That's if we were Greedy!

Our Rapid Online Reputation Response service is available to small business owners for just $199.00 a month.
  • 365 days a year monitoring and responses
  • We respond to ALL Positive and Negative Reviews
  • All responses are written by professional copywriters - Not Computer Generated
  • Month to Month - No Contracts - Cancel anytime

Start protecting your business Online Reputation Today!

The Reputation Rapid Response Team Monthly/Annual Plan

Reputation Rangers Monthly Plan

Our Online Reputation Response service is available to small business owners for just $199.00 a month.
  • 365 days a year of monitoring and responses
  • We respond to ALL Positive and Negative Reviews
  • All responses are written by professional copywriters - Not Computer Generated
  • Month to Month - No Contracts - Cancel anytime
  • Save 10% with an Annual payment
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